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Dalal's sewing workshop


OPENING  15.00–17.00

Dalal Miari, moves her sewing workshop into the museum. 

Her artistic residencie at the museum will focus on her development as a seamstress and handicraftswoman. The workshop will also be open for all of the visitors of the museum.

Wellcome to Dalal Miari's sewing workshop at Fisksätra museum!

Join our artistic workshop.
You can paint, sketch, create films and animations.

A collaboration with Darra Kulturskola.


Fisksätra museum is now in an intensive planning phase. We are going to carry out as many planned projects as possible, and establish new forms of participation.

Right now the museum is open on Thursdays and Fridays 11.00-15.00.
You may have an idea for a collaboration or want to see our latest exhibition.


Read the newsletter and see what is going on in the museum! (Currently available only in Swedish.)

Do you have an idea?

We are always interested in new projects in Fisksätra. Get in touch!

The museum is collaborating with Fisksätra Mönsterarkivet and is the local space for collecting more patterns and stories.

Pattern archive

Digitalt museum
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